Education server ESO

Server ESO is a linux-based education server. Students accounts are created at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester, student accounts are deleted with all associated data, so please don't forget to backup your data in time. Your use of this server is goverened amongst other things rector's order no. 1/2007.

Acessing Eso server

To access the server's command line, you can use the SSH protocol. For Unix-based systems, SSH client is available as the ssh tool from OpenSSH project, in case of Windows you can use the Putty application. Login credentials (username and password) are the same as if you were logging into InSIS.

To copy files between the server and your computer, you can use any SFTP client, such as the scp or sshfs tools available for Linux, or the WinSCP application for Windows.

MySQL Database

All Eso users have an option to use the installed MariaDB database server. To access the database server, you need certain set of credentials. Your database is named after your school username which you use elsewhere (e.g. to access InSIS). Username to access this database is also named after your school username. The randomly generated password for your database is located in the mysql-heslo.txt file in your home directory on the Eso server. You may need to use the methods above (SSH/SFTP) to access the file and display the password.

You can administer your database using the WYSIWYG tool phpMyAdmin, which happens to be available here. There's also a link to access this tool at the very top of this page for easy access.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I authenticate/login to the server from outside the school network?

For security reasons, password authentication to SSH or SFTP is restricted only to school network (or the school VPN) and it is not possible to login directly from the outside using your password. Login using SSH keys is not restricted.

The simplest way to login from the outside (e.g. from home) is to install the school VPN, connect to it and then you can proceed to login to Eso using your password as if you were connected to the school network. Information regarding the school VPN including instructions is available here.

Database administration (phpMyAdmin) throws 403 error, what to do?

Access to database administration is restricted similarly to SSH/SFTP. The solution is the same - use school VPN please (see answer to previous question).

I have another problem with the ESO server, who can I contact?

You can contact the server administrator directly using e-mail: